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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Welcome to Globex, Holding Corp.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Question: what’s Globex, Holding Corp, do?

Answer: Globex, Holding Corp, is the parent company for globex5.com including:

Publicly traded companies Mobi Ventures Inc / Noxel Corp, / Plaza77 Exchange.


Question: how can I register and login to the site?

Answer: there is flooding icon on the right side of the website on every page click to open.


Question: what the company specialty and services?

Answer: the companies publicly traded provide real estate and business venture funds.


Question: how can I invest in Project I like?

Answer: from front page choose the fund and the project and continue to check out page.


Question: what kind of securities I get for my invested funds?

Answer: each investor receives full value of invested funds with public company trading shares.


Question: who can invest in those funds?

Answer: investors from all over the world, along with accredited investors from the United States.


Question: what kind of option investors have to exit the fund?

Answer: each investor has the option to exit with stock shares received and keep them if happy with the value otherwise. Investor can also exit with 100% principal invested plus dividend profit.


 Question: can investor just invest into the fund just to receive the stocks for a long-term investment?

Answer: yes, there is general investment link just to receive stocks without any connection to any projects click and continue.


Question: who’s keep records of my fund value?

Answer: all investors securities balance and value kept with registered transferred agent approved by American securities and exchange.


Question: is the company financial report publicly available?

Answer: yes our publicly traded company required to report every quarter to the American security and exchange complete financial report


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